• The soundtrack to love.


    photo: newyorker.com

     For some odd reason, songs by the 1980s pop star Terence Trent D’Arby played in a continuous loop through my head while I was designing the Hearts Collection.

    Why him? I listened to his soulful groove years ago when I was a printmaker, singing along while I worked. I haven’t listened to his music in a long time, though. How interesting that he’s back in my head.

     D’Arby’s song, “Sign Your Name” is on brain repeat because it’s the perfect ode to love, full of passion and promises. And a few shoo-d wop wops added in the chorus. Love it.

     This led me to reflect on loves won and lost. The first crush, the first kiss, the first heartbreak. For each occasion, I had a favorite song that was playing on the radio, and they are forever entwined. Whenever I hear those songs now, the old emotions come up. The songs are my soundtrack to love.

     I hope the radio of your memory is playing your song.

     Happy Valentine’s Day.

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